Long-distance boyfriend ended call when friend showed up?

My boyfriend and I have been together over a year and we are in our mid-twenties. Just recently our relationship has become long distance. We made the agreement to talk on the phone once a day or to at least try. Things were going ok until tonight.

My boyfriend called me late, just as I was getting off work. We chatted about what he did yesterday for about 2-3 minutes. I was about to talk about something that happened to me when he said that one of his friends showed up. 'Daniel' was not a best friend of his by a longshot, but they drank on occasion together. My boyfriend suddenly stopped me from talking further and said that 'Daniel' was there and he would talk to me tomorrow. I thought that was extremely rude, as we were talking the one time we do talk a day and it wasn't even five minutes before he had to interrupt me to say he had to go because his sometimes friend had shown up. I told him I thought it was rude because I wasn't around and he could spare a little time to talk to me. He said that 'Daniel' was right there and he didn't want to keep him waiting because it was rude for him to be on the phone talking to me. He then asked if I would like to talk to his friend! I said I would not, and he again repeated, "I'll talk to you later'. I tried once more to explain how rude I felt he was being, and once again I got the sentence, "I'll talk to you later". I told him to please not call me, said goodbye, and hung up. I feel hurt by this and at the same time I wonder if I was out of line? Was he rude or am I delusional? He has been keeping the calls shorter and shorter lately, it seems. I guess it would have been nice to talk to him for longer than five minutes for once...
By Grassded 15 years ago :: Dating
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