My husband had threatened to take the children & leave town... this was just one of his many threats to me.

He beat me up June 10th. He is currently in Jail (no-bond... judge says he is a danger to society). I have purchased my divorce papers at LEGALZOOM.COM. I have filed for divorce today at the court house, we have a final hearing date October 2. He had threatened to take the kids from me & leave without my knowledge while I am at work. This was my main motivator for filing for divorce so quickly because legally I would not have much to stand on if we had shared custody, or we were married. It would be devistating for me and my entire family if he were to take the kids without my consent or knowledge & leave town. He had even tried to get one of his friends involved, and this friend recently told me about the plans. (his friend said he would have never went along with this plan) This man is CRAZY! HELP!!
By ValpoMom33 15 years ago :: Marriage
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