Boyfriend broke up with me the next day after I called the night 'Daniel' came over

I recently posted a question where my boyfriend of over a year had a friend over a few minutes into me talking to him over the phone. We're long distance, so we do talk once a day. Most people advised me that it was rude of me to expect the call to go on longer than it did when his friend came over and that I blew things out of proportion.

Well, the very next day I was at work and got a text from my boyfriend saying we needed to talk. I called him on my last break of the day with two hours left of work. I asked what was wrong, and he bluntly told me it was over. I was kind of shocked and not sure what to think or what he was implying at first, but then it slowly sank in. He dumped me in 5 minutes over the phone. I had to go back to work with two hours left to go. It took everything to hold my tears back so people at work wouldn't see me cry. When I got out of work it was 10:30 at night. I called my boyfriend back to get a clarification, since honestly we had been together over a year and he told me it was all over in a five minute phone call. He was still awake and talked with me for another hour, and couldn't give a reason as to why he did it other than that was how he felt at the moment. He then said not to call each other for a week and then we'd talk Monday to see if we really wanted to stay together. I was shocked (I didn't beg him to come back, honestly). I had just asked the reason for the breakup the entire time. It just seemed like he changed his mind, which put me through two hours of being at work completely stressed out and feeling absolutely low. What is he doing? Why is he doing this? Is it because of that phone call I made where 'Daniel' came over? Is it my fault?
By Grassded 15 years ago :: Dating
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