Is this my fault?

My Fiance came over the other night, and we were getting along great, and I fell asleep on my couch, he was sleeping on the love seat. I woke him and asked him if he wanted to go lay down in the bed, then he said in a minute, i waited a while, and he never came to bed, so i went and asked him a second time, and he he finally came to bed. Then I asked him if he was asleep, i was gonna talk to him if he wasnt. He rolled over with his back facing me and I said well, do you not want to be here? should we be together? and he said i was aggravating him to death, and got up and went to his truck. I followed after him and asked him to stay, he said he was going home to get some rest, and I needed to think about what I did, and pushed me out of his truck. Do you think I pushed him to far, or do you think that was enough reason for him to leave?
By imneverright 15 years ago :: Dating
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