Am I Crazy, or is he playing me for a free ride, should I keep him or lose him?

I am not married, but I am engaged to be married. I am having serious doubts about the whole relationship. My fiance is having a hard time finding a job now and I am supporting the household. We dont have any children, but I have student loans and credit card debt so we are always broke. I work all day and when I come home, he still wants me to cook dinner clean the house, when he has been here all day with nothing to do. He goes next door to the neighbors and drinks, in which she is a female and that makes me uncomfortable, but she is much older and he says shes just a friend someone for him to talk to. The only thing is he goes over there when I am home too. He says its for free boos. Then on days that I am off he wants to go hang with his friends all night and drink, when he doesnt have a job and I dont have money for him to party and he says that I am controlling him and locking him in the house. I go no where but work and my parents thats it I dont have money for me to go out so why would I give money to him. Then when he comes home I take care of him. Its not like I let him get away with everything I say things but I am wrong, I dont want him to have fun and I am always complaining. He has no license so I drive him everywhere, he can be out for 6 to 8 hours but if im gone for 4 with my own mom he calls me 5 times wondering what im doing and when im going home. The only thing that he contributes is money for food. He has old girlfriends he still talks to and when I tell him it makes me uncomfortable for him to hang out with them I am being controlling and need to stop and stop thinking negative cause that is just going to make him want to do something. Which I know is just an excuse for him to do what he wants. All I really need to know is should I dump him or love him. He are some of his good qualities, he is loving, he is will do whatever I ask him when it comes to like chores or things for me like massages and such. He is great with kids, and he has a lovable personality, I dont know what to do.
By Pookey 15 years ago :: Marriage
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