Is he cheating on me or am I thinkin to far into it?

My fiance, he makes friends with ladies easy. It makes me very uncomfortable, he has two daughters by two different women. One he was married to and one he wasnt. The one he wasnt married to still calls him on a regular and not just for things to deal with his daughter, to me she still sends inappropriate text, which he lets me see, and she lives almost two hours away and tries to get him to come "stay with his daughter" at her house instead of her daughter staying here. He doesnt and he doesnt argue with me when I tell him that I feel it is inappropriate and that I dont feel uncomfortable with him staying there. He also has a ex who he talks to, someone that he has known for over 15 years. When he talks to her he tells her he loves her before they hang up. And that really makes me angry, I asked him not to do that and he acts like that I am overeacting that they are good friends and have been through alot and yes he has much love for her he just isnt in love with her. He has had a very promiscuous past and he has told me about it and I think that is why I get so angry. He tells me that that is the past he is done with that, he is 36 now and I have been told once a cheat or player always one. So I dont know what to do. He talks to females all the time I just feel real uncomfortable. What should I do?
By Pookey 15 years ago :: Marriage
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