Sister planning wedding around the same time as me!

My older sister became engaged in March. I became enaged in April. My fiancee and I have dated for 6 years (through college) and pretty much everyone knew our engagement was coming. Sis dated this guy for 3 years, lived with him for 2. Our family does NOT generally live with other people. She has been divorced for several years so this is a second wedding for her, my first. Since she has been engaged longer and is older, I've been waiting to make final calls on my plans based on what she is doing. She is getting married 3 months before me and really needs to make her plans soon. I'm very frustrated because she won't commit to final decisions and I'm left hanging. Just this week, she took my idea of having black bridesmaid dresses and, since she is older, I allowed her to. Since this is her 2nd wedding, I feel like it should be more understated and bland, but she is treating it like her first. Our parents gave us the same budget and I'm happy for that but I'm afraid she is going to blow through it and then get more. I feel really petty for thinking that, but it's how she is.

I am not sharing any more ideas with her but I still feel like I can't finalize any of my plans until she does. Her wedding is in Jan, so she needs to get cracking but as the "little sister" I don't feel like it's my place.

Am I crazy or should she not be treating this like a first wedding? Should I plan mine first, since she is messing around? I don't want to be "that girl" who makes my wedding the number one event in the world because I know it's not, but still... As the never-married sister who dated her fiancee longer, I feel like I should have a little more freedom in my wedding planning.
By teachervalmn 15 years ago :: Marriage
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