I broke up with my boyfriend but he wanted to keep in contact with me?

My boyfriend of over a year and I broke up over the phone because we have been long distance for a month. A week ago he said not to contact each other so we could 'decide' that Monday whether or not we wanted to be together. I didn't like the idea. A week came and went without a word and then Monday came. No call. At 9:45 p.m. that night I called and left a message, and he never called back.

On Tuesday (today) I called him and he told me he would talk to me in ten minutes. He called me back roughly ten minutes later and I asked if he 'decided' on where our relationship would go. He had not come to a decision. I was so tired of the treatment I had been receiving from him that I told him we should let it go. I told him I loved myself and him too much to keep going on like this. If you love someone, let them go, right? He agreed to this easily, which I suspected he would. He then said he would call periodically to check up on me.

That's where I put on the real brakes.

I told him I did not want him to contact me, ever. I didn't want a phone call, e-mail, anything. He seemed upset by this, pointing out that if you care about someone you should check in on them. I told him he basically broke my heart and it would be too hard to stay in contact with him at all. He admitted he still loved me during the phone call, but I doubt this. Why would he act like he didn't even care I existed much before if he did? The whole reason for the break up was over a mysterious phone call that lasted some two minutes between us. A friend of his showed up and he had to go. Now. It was odd. After that he had been distant and didn't contact me until the point he said we needed a week to 'decide' about our relationship.

After I told him I wouldn't stay in contact with me he told me he couldn't be with me because I was manipulative, controlling, and I would drive him to an early grave. He then seemed to suggest I would change my mind. He also brought up the fact he wanted to see me at the end of this month, but only for the short-term. I just repeated to never call me again. He then seemed resigned and told me good luck, and he loved me. The call ended.

I of course cried and cried over it, but did I do the right thing? I know breaking up with him probably was, but is it wrong to say no to keeping in contact with someone you still love like that?
By Grassded 15 years ago :: Dating
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