Is it ok to text another girl, "Good Morning Beautiful!"

Okay before I start… I swear I am a very independent thinker and try to take the ignorance out of assumptions. I am not one to go thru someone's things just because etc... etc... But I found a text in bf's phone that said, Good Morning Beautiful. (side note: .. I only went thru his phone because in the middle of the two of us playing.. he locked himself in my room.. so jokingly, I said that I was gonna go thru his phone, of course anticipating him to say, “well, oh well” .. but instead he charged out of the room like a race horse. So needless to say that definitely raised my suspicions.) The person receiving the text is one of his female friends and I never had a problem with her. How could I, I was always the female friend to the male that had a girlfriend, and no one ever understood how two people of the opposite sex could be around each other that long without touching each other. Which can be very frustrating. My bf and I were friends for around 5-6 years prior to us dating. I say this because when u are around someone for that long (without crossing any lines!) you learn a lot about one another. We have had ups and downs in our lives when we were friends and have always been there for one another, then and now. We were together all the time and had heart to heart talks about everything under the sun. One thing he never did, even though he spent 8 months sleeping on my couch due to some drama in his life, was text me anything with beautiful, pretty, sexy, gorgeous, ever in it. My problem with this is the fact that the only time that he ever texted anything like, Good Morning Beautiful to me is after we had been intimate.. so one starts to wonder. I asked him .. what is it with this girl?, .. Do u have feelings for her?,.. Have u been intimate with her?,..etc etc… His response was, “ Well, one day she was crying saying that she was so ugly so I send her stuff like that.” HA! Yeah right .. for someone who is so insecure and thinks she is so ugly .. why would I be able to go to their myspace page and all over the page she has put how fine and gorgeous so thinks she is,.. Doesn't sound like a security issue to me?!?! My next problem is that he has known this girl maybe 2 years, he knew me at least 5-6 years just as a friend.. and he and I were much closer than him and this female. I never received anything like that then .. and it is not something that is normal for him and when I say normal, I mean he is not the type of person who just calls people .. baby, beautiful,, etc etc… because some people are like that. Does anyone see anything wrong with this…. Note .. will have follow up with second scenario that happened after this….
By Amore 15 years ago :: Dating
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