Am I in the wrong for expecting my friend to support me through the bad and the good?

I am not from the US, but moved to the States to be with my boyfriend a couple months ago. We moved in together and I felt were moving forward in our relationship. I left the country in May to visit my home. Upon my return at the end of May, my boyfriend of almost 3 years broke up with me under some pretty bad circumstances. I had a friend who I've known for about 10 years in the US who helped me move some things out of the house I was living in after the breakup and allowed me to stay with him. I didn't expect to stay for free. I offered to help him out while I stayed there, but instead he started treating me like a roommate and charged me for half of everything (rent and bills). I bought my own food and any other necessities. I did not complain because I started to feel like I had a place of my own. After the breakup, my friend had said he didn't want my boyfriend to come by the apartment. This was before he let me know I had to pay for half of everything.

About two months later, my boyfriend and I got back together. My roommate was not in the US at the time and would not be for a couple of weeks. My sister and family came to stay at the apartment with me about a week after my boyfriend and I got back together. My boyfriend wanted to spend time with me and my niece and nephew, so he came over to the apartment to do so. However, I invited my boyfriend over to spend time with the family. After my sister and family left, I was staying at my boyfriend's house.

I was traveling to Orlando last week Thursday and so I go back to the apartment in order to grab some clothes. My boyfriend comes with me and when we pull up to the apartment, we see that my roommate has returned to the US unexpectedly without telling me anything and so my boyfriend stays in the car while I go up to the apartment. While I am packing, my roommate comes up to my room and immediately asks if my boyfriend has moved into his apartment or has been in his apartment. I let him know that he has been there, but has not moved in. He starts arguing with me about how he doesn't care about what is going on between me and my boyfriend, but he does not like my boyfriend and feels disrespected that I even brought him into the apartment. We argue about it for a while and he starts making low comments towards me that aren't even necessary. He states that it was disrespectful to bring my boyfriend over knowing he didn't want him there.

I felt like I was no longer just a guest in his apartment considering I was now paying half of his bills and rent. I am altogether grateful for his allowing me to stay at the apartment (in the second bedroom) and for his friendship, but feel he has blown things out of proportion in his behavior towards me and my boyfriend. He does not know my boyfriend personally and we never did anything to deliberately to hurt him. My friend claims he will still be my friend and will still continue to talk to me, but I have texted him twice and I have apologized since the incident on Thursday, and have received no response since. I feel that if he had any other roommate, he would not be able to dictate who that roommate brings into the apartment.

Do you feel that my friend has taken things too far in the way he is behaving towards me and my boyfriend?
By betsy1012 15 years ago :: Friends
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