Do I have a right to feel hurt about my husband missing my birthday dinner?

It was my birthday and I didn't have anything special planned. The day proceeded like any other; cooking, cleaning, reading etc. I got some nice gifts from my family which I opened in the morning. I told my husband I would like to go to a new resturant in town for drinks and appetizers. My kids asked if they could go do some things and my husband told them no its your Mom
s birthday. Around 4:00 my husband decides to go scout animals on a trial about 15 mins from our house. My son goes with him. At 7:30 he is still not home so I decide to go to dinner with my Mom and daughter. As we are preparing to leave my son calls to say that Dad killed a bear and they are going to be late. I am very hurt. I try not to be a princess and make my birthday some big holiday, but I was really looking forward to going out that evening with my family. My Mom, daughter and I still went and about an hour later my husband and son show up. My husband is trying to make me laugh and act like its alright and I just don't even want him there.
Am I being over sensitive?
By hoffmann 15 years ago :: Marriage
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