Should I continue the relationship or save myself?

We've been together for 4 years and initiated our relationship by exaggerating our dating experiences. She would tell me how much better her ex was and what she did with him. I would tell her I slept with a few girls. We came clean and the next 3 years were fine until I found her ex's name had been googled on her laptop. I confronted her and she claimed someone else googled him which I later gave her the benefit of the doubt. Now I feel we should take our relationship further to the levels she claimed she planned and did with her ex. She disagrees by saying she lied about them and therefore shouldn't be pursued until I meet demands that can't be accomplished in no less than 2 years. Am I wrong for believing she is saving herself for him? Should I continue the relationship despite the chance of getting seriously hurt?
By ThatSilent 15 years ago :: Dating
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