A friend of mines just had a baby a couple of days ago..

A close male friend of mines just had a baby a couple of days ago. I know that it is an exciting time in his life. But it pure drama, see he cheated on his b.m. with another girl a year or so ago and had a child with her. She was so hurt. She always said that she can't accept the fact that he had a child on her and that she would be fine once she had another baby, and sure enough she did. Now that this baby is here, she all her in glory, the only thing is the girl that he cheated on her with the first time is pregnant again also. But she doesn't have a clue. Now while i was visiting with her and the baby yesterday. He comes into the hospital with the other girls brother. I couldn't believe it, when we discussed it, he said, he doesn't care because he wants the be withthe other girl any way. What advice should I give him because he is truly playing with fire...........
By royalty 15 years ago :: Friends
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