Is it reasonable for my brother-in-law's family staying with us a few weeks every year for FREE?

(We are Australia)My wife and I moved here three years ago as her dad is not well. Two of her sisters and mum all live here. My wife's brother has been doing business in China for a few years. Her brother and his wife, baby comes back once a year for visit. (They make more money then we do.)

My wife's mum has a big house but she has too much staff and her house is very massy. She can never hold her son's family. One sister has the same problem; the other one's house is not as good as ours.

Therefore, my brother-in-law's family always stays with us when they come back. They normally stay with us 3 to 5 weeks every year. His wife is very tight with money and they are the taker of the family. They don't pay rent (which I think it is ok). But they don't pay anything, we provide free food, free car (they only fill the petrol once in the last three years), free phone calls…. They pay nothing! But they are here every year for so long. Do you think this is reasonable? They cause us inconvenience, we still have to pay for them.

They were here last Christmas and now they are coming in a few days and will stay with us for 4 weeks again. Should I ask them to pay for their own grocery and fill the petrol if they have to drive around with our car every day? I know if I don't ask, they will never pay. How should I ask them and not upset my wife at the same time (my wife is a very generous and warm-heart person).
By DaveDaveDave 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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