My brother is going through a divorce, and I need some advice to give him from another perspective.

My brother has been married to an over privledged girl for about 3 years, and now they're are finally calling it quits. She grew up with plenty of money, b/c her parents owned a pretty good business. Throughout their marrage and before they were married her parents took care of her, I mean groceries, gas, mortgage payment, insurance, car payment, you name it they took care of it. My brother and her had 2 kids and he pretty much is giving everything to her, just so she wont fight over him seeing the kids whenever he would like to see them. He's giving her all the money from the house when it sell which is about $50,000, their tax return which is close to $7,000 and $800.00 a month in child support. I told him he was getting taken to the cleaners and he should fight her on that, he needs money so he can start a new life. I told him to let her have the house profit but you want the tax return just so he can get some necessities for his new place whenever he can afford one. He truely is a good dad and the kids will always be taken care of he has no problem paying $800.00 a month for his kids but she out right told him that she wasn't going to spend any of the money on the kids and that she was going to put it in a saving acount for when they get older. Me personally I don't buy that. She has no job and thats only because her family has always provided for her,so now she wants to live off her parents and my brother for the rest of her life. My question is, is how can I convince him that he needs to fight her over some of the money issues and make him realize that a judge will let him see his kids as long as he is providing care and paying his child support.
By longhorns_fan 15 years ago :: Marriage
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