On the news an Illinois man was sentence to 6 months in Jail for Yawning in Court.

My Girlfriend and I always have these debates, in that she does and say things that are directed towards me, but because she didn't say them directly to me I should not be offended. For example, she would be on the phone with her friends and might say something like "he is such a jerk", this is an example of course, but because she's not talking to me, am I not suppose to take it to heart?

When this guy on the news got arrested for yawning and making the loud yawning noise in court, my girlfriend and I started debating about how can the judge determine if it was intentional or not. My arguement is that the young man let out a loud disrupting yawn while the judge was sentencing his cousin. He did it on purpose as to say "I am not really trying to hear what the judge is saying". Everyone knows how to cover their mouths and muffle their yawn and he is a grown 33 year old man. He did it on purpose.

We ended up debating for quite a bit of time and she ended up bringing up the fact that I do the same thing the judge did. In that she would do things and I that I can't prove was a direct insult to me and sentence her (smile). There are some things that you just know... and in this case just as with all the instances with me and my girlfriend we know that it's wrong and its childish and immature to justify it by saying I was not talking directly to you so you can't say nothing about it..

What's you guys opinion.
By Dubbs 15 years ago :: General
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