In love w/ each other, but don't get back. Is this weird?

I'm 21 years old and he's 22. when we r together, it's like we r so happy. but when we fight, neither of us wants to be together, like we can also make each other saddest.

we have broken up for a month now, but still hang out, talk on the phone, he got me a bday gift, sex, make out, etc. I'm going away to study in NY, and it's gonna be an across country long distant. He kept saying he's still in love w/ me, so am i. But he doesn't want to get back because he's afraid that if both of us haven't changed to suit each other better, we'll fight and break up again. So he doesn't want us to get back right now. But he keeps saying he thinks that we will get back when I get back from NY which is in 4-9 months. And he said he's 22, and if he hasn't met any1 and still thinks I'm the best for him, I'll be his THE ONE and he'll do everything to make us work.

Do you think this is real? And how is it gonna work? Like we'll be webcaming, and in love, but not together as a couple... Does he really love me? Coz I heard if he does, he shouldn't be wanting to let me go. This is really new for me, and I really love him. I do hope that long distant webcam even though we won't be together will work out. I'm coming back to see in in 4 months and will get back to NY again in a month, then come back to meet him again in 5 months.
By veniceg 15 years ago :: Dating
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