wat can a girl do to get some love'n around this mugg.

its really hard for me to have sex with my bf we've been 2gether for 8yrs and we act more like friends then lovers some times i feel like hes still out here looking still.. but wen we first met he wanted to get married but come on i was not ready it was only 3months into our relationship.
we done broke up like 4times man i say im ready now but now he aint. i really want to do it for my kids we have 4 beautiful kids 2gether!!
but i guess if he want to pay child support then its all on him.. but i don't no he don't even satisfy me any more. i mean wen we do have sex he does but thats only wen he wants to but wen i want to have sex i either i got to Waite or he just don't want to...Waite a minute. do u guys think hes just bored with me? because i no for a fact I'm not boring in the bed i actually make sure he gets really satisfied. come on wen I'm done with him he rolls over n snores like hes been up for days. or wait..it might be because our age differences!! hes like 8yrs older then me I'm in my late 20s n hes in his mid 30s well i don't no please help me out because I'm very clueless rite now!
By ttyl 15 years ago :: Dating
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