Do you think i'm over reacting?

MY girlfriend is 24 years of age,and she is a hotel manager. She works 8 hours a day 5 days a week,and the most part she's a home body which is fine by me,because i who am 30 years of age are pretty much the same.Our problem lies in the bedroom,she is very sexual,as am i ,but because of our healthy sexual relationship,and the fact that we ingage 3 to 4 sometimes 5 or even more times a day ,not to mention we live a 100 miles away.we see each other alot,but she cant understand why i want sex every night,she'll get on ps3 till 5 am,and will come to bed,and fallout,then get mad wit me if i pursue sex,she told me today i make her feel like she 's expected to f@#% we love each other just as much if not more than we did a year and a half ago,am i wrong because,im so attracted to her, i wanna do it all the time,and the saying goes dont start what you cant finish,why do i feel as if thats what she's done
By davarro 15 years ago :: Dating
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