Should I stay in this relationship or let it go?

My name is Euncie and I am 26 now. I have relationship issue with my boyfriend who is the same age as I do. Now, let me start my story and relationship. I have been dating him for almost five months. We come from totally different culture. He is from Egypt and who just been in U.S for about a year. I came from China and has been here for eight years. I met him through the dating website and we hit off after we first met. At the beginning of first few months, we kind of got along well. However, something began to fell apart when it comes to communication problem. He has not introduced me to any of his family or friends. His immediate family (his parent,brother, sister) are living in Egypt. But he has several relatives live in the United States. He will go to visit his friends or family (two/three hours drive) on several occasions and never invite me to go with him. So far the only people i know was his roommate who live with him in an apartment. When I confronted him about this issue, he explained to me that it was his personality that he did not want everyone to know about his personal matter. So He usually did not pick up the phone when he spent time with his friends/family. That made me feel very insecure about this relationship. Sometimes he would ask me to shop stuffs for him because he is busy. We rarely go out together and everytime when I asked him about plans, he always say that he was tired and wants to stay at home. So I ended up hanging out in his apartment all the time. We both have jobs and sometimes I feel that he can't use this lame excuse to not spend more times or go out with me. It's been almost five months and I haven't received flowers or romantic treat from him. Maybe it's because of his personality or he just simply is cheapskate. He barely apologized to me or admitted his mistakes whether it was his fault or my fault. Because of his lack of attention and compassion to me, I have brought to him about the same topics over for the past few months. He was initially saying that he was going to change. However, he never changed his behavior and it has appeared to me that he did not really care or consider how I feel. I also spoke to my friends about my relationship with him, they all suggest that I should walk out of this relationship. But I am really confused because I do love him a lot and I really want this relationship to be worked. Somehow in my heart that I know that he loves me as well. I know he came from a Arab country where women may be treated as a second class citizen and their characteristics are usually controlling and demanding. I don't really what to do now after mentioned to him about the issues several times and it seemed to me that we have a big communication problem right here. Right now I am taking a week break from him. What should I do? Should I just try to avoid these issues and try to be happy with him or walk away because he did not worth my time and effort ?
By camilla20999 15 years ago :: Dating
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