Will he ask me on a second date?

Ok, so I had a first date tonight with this guy. I met him at a local restaurant/sports bar halfway between where we lived. He showed up on time and hugged me the minute he walked through the door. He was really attractive and everything (blind date).

Anyways, we sat down at a booth and he ordered a drink. I did the same. We talked for about an hour and a half about shared interests (we were both drummers in high school band, ect). We even liked the same anime shows. We ate our food and he even got a second drink (as did I, as I followed suit) after we ate. He never really complimented me in any way, but he laughed a lot and there was a lot of eye contact. Anyways, after an hour and a half was up I asked him if he wanted to go anywhere else. He said no, and that he was really tired and had to get up early the next day. I just nodded, and he paid the bill (even though I offered to split it). He walked me to my car and hugged me again, and said he'd talk to me later. He has my number and I have his, so I agreed and I said something like, "If you want to do something next week, just let me know." He kind of said something like, "Yeah" and went back to his car. I got home twenty minutes later and texted him that I had an awesome time. He texted back: "Yeah, I had a good time too!"

What I wonder about is this.... he never mentioned a second date or the possibility of doing something next week. He had plans with his family this weekend which he told me about, but he never mentioned anything past that. Is this normal? Was it a good date but I will probably never hear from him again? Or do you think I will? I would really like it if the guys could interpret this one for me. I gave him hints mentioning I would like a second date, but I don't know if he'll call in the next few days or what. He hugged me twice, so I think that's a good sign... or is it?
By Mizu 15 years ago :: Dating
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