Is it true friendship, or I've been taken for granted so far?

Me, and my best friend; we've shared almost 7 years of friendship. She's always been a bit careless, but a loving friend. I managed to go on with her careless nature by taking care of everything between us myself because I really appreciated her good nature. But last year, she made some new friends at her university, and after that she was never the same. She started taking me for granted. For example; if she needed me to talk about something, she used to get in touch, but when I needed her, she used to give a 1000 excuses.
Sometimes she even indirectly indicated how much she was enjoying with her new friends, as if she never enjoyed our association, and kept reducing communication with me, and finally we had a silence of about 6-7 months for no valid reasons. I thought maybe this friendship was over. But then she suddenly came back, telling me that she still believed in our best friendship. She said that her university friends were never her best friends, only I have been her closest friend ever, and she never tried to ignore me. She became extremely caring too, and I finally started believing that maybe I misunderstood her. But now after 4 months, she's again the same. For example, just recently I achieved my first promotion at my workplace, and everyone from my family to friends showed how much they were happy for me, but my best friend had no time to share my joy. She didn't even feel like giving me a call, if she couldn't join me. I think she will get back to her old ways soon.
She is fond of me and says that I am her only best friend, but when I'm happy or sad, she is never by my side. I constantly feel that we only talk to each other when she needs and wants to, but when I need my best friend, I am always disappointed. I'm unable to decide whether she's a true friend who is just a little careless, or a fake friend who just wants someone to stand by her side when she has no one else. Should I let it keep going like this and wait for her to understand, or should I say goodbye to this friendship maybe because she will never understand its worth? What should I do?
By friendforever 15 years ago :: Friends
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