Should I move on?

Ive been going out with my fiance for 3 years on and off, and when we first started dateing i was so in love. He always made the decisions on when and where we were goin, and it seemed to me that i just tagged along. He started coming over and spending the night more and more. Im a single mother and dont have very much money and i asked him to help me pay a few bills, or at least mow my grass, and he blew up and refused, blamed it on because i live beside my mom, and he still lives with his mom and hes 30 years old. He tells me im stuck up my moms butt, but my mom helps me out alot with money and my daughter. when i try to talk to him, about our problems, he tells me im nit picking, and bitching, or being a whiny crybaby. well, im getting very sick of being treated this way, we have argued so much that he took back his ring and necklace he bought me and said i dont deserve it. I have started talking to another guy and he is so nice to me, and has done very well for himself. my fiance dont know anything about this. im so confused and dont know what to do, can someone please give me their opinion. i do still care about my fiance, but i cant make it work, if i cant even talk about our relationship. HELP
By imneverright 15 years ago :: Dating
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