What do I say to a friend that berated me for feeling sad?

I mentioned to a friend on two separate occasions that I was feeling a bit depressed and not sure why. She is quite the talker and I only expressed my feelings for a combined total of about 3 minutes. On the second occasion she became furious telling me I have someone who loves me, a great job and so forth. She is right my life is pretty great and that is why I was concerned about my sad mood and feared it indicated a possible health issue.
She has been playing a victim for about 2 years now since her boyfriend and her split. She acts like her life is cursed and she is the only one entitled to feel bad.
I can't say I am mad at her but I really don't have the desire to speak with her right now. The truth is I have no idea what to say to her when I do call her. Any suggestions?
By Chloes 13 years ago :: Friends
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