In laws with sophistication,manners and faul mouth issues!is this the familly my children will grow up with?

i need to apologies for my english (moved to America not long ago) My husband and i have been married for about a year and a half , my biggest mistake was not knowing his family before we got married. I love my husband and i dont want to leave him but this is driving me crazy and i dont know if i can take much more
After the first time i ever met them i went home and cried ! ever sense that day i told my self you love him it's ok ignore the issue but i cant ,not when they come to our house and behave in the same manner ! I grew up in a house where my parents would always have the table set we would all sit there is no one would start if all where not seated and we would get up at the same time, there was no Tv ,some times classical music but mostly conversation
his family eat in plastic and paper plates ! the "silver" is plastic and at best steel that dont even match I'm talking coke can`s on the table, every body talking loud and coming and going as they want ,watching TV etc
Now I could tolerate this it's their home if I dont like it I dont go right?
wrong , because they do the same at our house and he says :this is America (California) people are relaxed everybody are like this ! and if i take the argument further he start attacking me and my family verbally which i dont understand all I'm asking is in our home my rules should apply when i have a dinner party i invite 6 ppl i dont want 9 i make plans for 6, The other night they where all here i had made an effort all day they sat down including my husband, started eating while I'm still in the kitchen they messed my setting up and than his mom comes in to the kitchen takes a bunch of everyday silver puts it on the table (it was already set with a 5 pice dinner setting) and says WHO CARES and everybody started attacking the food ! when later on i confronted my husband he got angry and said it's my house they can do what ever they want but i said HE should have respected me and asked everybody kindly to wait for me am i wrong?
on top of that they dont even have the decency to call and thank me
By lilla_my 15 years ago :: Marriage
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