My BFF is with a loser what do i do?

Ok i have been best friends with my friend since we were 5 we are 27 now...i mean we have been thru it all.....but we have always remained friends i think we are more like sisters...we have never betrayed each other and we are there for each other no matter what. We talk on average 3 hours a day. About everything, we are so close and i feel really lucky to have her. I even just bought a house on her road to be closer to her! You dont find friends like this every day. Here is the problem she is dating a guy that she has been with for about 2 1/2 yrs. and i mean he is the biggest loser i have every seen. Oh yeah they do have a almost 2 yr old son. There is a age difference in them she is 27 and he is 22 and she has her own house, her own car, and a job. Ok he got laid off work and has been drawing unemployment for like 8-9 months now....he isnt even looking for a job, his truck he tore up mud ridding and just stopped making payments so the repo man came and got it. He stays at home and watches the baby...he does nothing else. She gets home and she takes out the garbage, cooks, cleans, bathes the baby, ETC. ETC. ETC.
and he doesnt even help her with the bills with the little check that he does get. He treats her like crap. He does pills and he blows his unemployment check on stupid stuff or his self.....for example he just went and got a 300 dollar tattoo..i mean he is sooo immature. He got mad one night and slapped her. And it is just crazy, she is ablsoltuly stunning, she has everything going for herself, and how she got hooked up with the loser is she had a daughter that had died about 2 months before she met him, and i think she was just going thru some things and he told her everything she wanted to hear, so now all that is just lies. He has made comments on the anniversary of her daughters death, that she shouldnt be crying because she should done be over that, and he doesnt see why she would have soo many pictures up of her. So my problem is i am soo sick of seeing her go thru this. I KNOW SHE CAN DO BETTER. Her self esteem is so low, she called me tonight and she said how depressed she is, and i have already told her what she needs to do, but it seems like now our whole conversation revolves around how crappy he is to her and i dont want to sound selfish but it brings me down i am newly married and i have 2 kids to, i have a great husband. And it makes me appreciate alot more, but i mean i cant even tell her how sweet my hubbie is being because it will make her feel worse. I am just getting so sick of hearing about her not wanting to be with him. OK WELL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, i have offered to keep the baby while she works. So what else can i do? OR is there anything i can do?
By inlovewithmaimi 13 years ago :: Friends
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