3rd pov..who should take the first step

My brother has been married to his wife for 12 years. In that time I can say things between her and my family are not the best. We are civil and courteous to one another on visits (they live 5 hours away) but during the year she ironically always thinks of reasons she's upset with us. She isnt very warm and friendly and when we visit the house she never offers us water to drink, or food (we always take them out for dinner). In the 12 years she has had words with each family member- over the littlest things (I can elaborate if you need but i didnt think it was important to do so cos thats not what this is about). My parents have done nothing but love, support, give money if they needed it, and helped out when they could. I have kept my mouth shut during this time as I chose not to get involved or to be the next target. My father drove the 5 hours upstate last weekend to make his visit (my mom was not able to come this time). His visit was announced and planned for one month before (this was not a surprise visit- nor have we ever surprised visited them). He was promptly told he had to leave by my brother "leave...leave!" becuase it was his wifes mothers birthday and he would ruin the dinner reservations. My brothers wife told him "do what you want to do" (not very welcoming, right?). Of course, my 67 year old father felt unwelcomed and saddened. He would be happy with a pillow in the garage. My dad got back in his car and started driving home. He can not see at all at night, and wanted to get a head start on the road before it got dark (it was 4pm at this point). He was 2 hours into his trip back home and his car started over heating. He started driving 45 mph to keep the engine cooler, and pulled over a few times to pour water in the engine/radiator (i dont know anything about cars, sorry). He finally reached 4 miles to the next rest stop and the car stopped and he had run out of water completely. At this point the night was starting to settle in. Knowning he couldnt push the car 4 miles himself he decided (being the outdoorsman he is) to hike in the woods to find a creek- which he did (lol). He filled his canteen up with water, brought it back to the car and made it to the rest stop at which point he called me and my husband for help.My husband and I had plans to see a friend who was home from the marienes for this weekend dropped everything and grabbed one of our friends to make the treck upstate. We drove 2 hours to the rest stop. Helped my dad call the tow agency (I have AAA and my dads english isnt too good). Drove my dad home. (he decided to have the car towed all the way back home). My dad was upset, frustrated,and hurt to say the least. ANYWAYS...the next day I decided it was a nice thing to cook dinner for my father to cheer him up. I posted on my facebook that i was making dinner for my father. A few people commened asking what was wrong and I told them how his car broke down and about his weekend. Someone asked why he didnt stay upstate and I said (quote) "my brother and his wife didnt let him stay". That was the most I mentioned about my bro and his wife.His wife read the thread and got upset and said that she didnt say "dont stay" she said "do whatever you want" (again, thats not very welcoming) and put the blame on my brother becuase he said "leave...leave!" Huge fight started, she sent me a horrible email, just showing her true heart. I was of course crying becuase of the things she said.My brother wants me to apologize for the fb thread. I said "my fb, my status your choice to read/delete/ignore it" ALSO I did not say anything bad... i stated the truth...and the status was about dinner...not blasting anyone. Dont get it twisted. I deleted the thread and i thought that was enough. However my brother seems to think I should apologize to the grouse. (I think he should apologize to my father but my brother has not called him yet).What do you all think? I need a clear 3rd point of view....
By FeatherStone 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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