My ex husband has not been making his truck payments...i am a co-signer...what should i do?

Alright here is the deal i was with my first husband for 8 yrs, we had a daughter.
He treated me really bad, he was verbally abusive and emotionally abusive as well. We divorced and i have since then got married and had my son. Well now that me and my ex husband are not togther anymore, we get along great. Well when we were togther me and him had a doublewide and a lot. Both our names are on the deed. Then we had my Expedition. also in both our names.And he had a truck in both names also. So when we got a divorce, he had a really good job making great money so we went to a lawyer and had it done our way. Well i didnt want the trailor (it needed repairs i couldnt make) so in the divorce we stated that he has the land and trailor and he pays me 50. a week towards my truck till it is paid off. Then when it is paid off...he signs the title over to me and i will sign the deed over to him for the property. And for his truck he makes the payments hisself....well i am sure yall know where i am going with this, but Ford called me today and said that he hasnt made a payment for August or Sept. and it is now 0ct. I know he is having a hard time right now with the way the economy is..... he got to work 8 hours last week. Also on top of paying me 50 a week for the truck he pays me 100 a week for child support. so that there is 150 from his check every week. So i do understand that he just doesnt have the money to pay it. As for me....i have worked really hard the last few years to build up my credit and i know that this is going to effect it. But me and my new husband just bought us our new house 2 months ago, we have my daughter and a 8 month old baby. And we cant afford to make his 375 payments a month. So i dont know what to do about this.... i dont want all my good credit wasted.. so any suggestions please help.
By inlovewithmaimi 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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