Should I let other female friends get close to me in a similar way so that my girlf understand what I feel?

Here are the facts.

My gf dated a guy for more than a year, they broke up, and after that she looked for me. We both had a crush from some time back. We started dating, and after a few days with her I knew that her ex bf still called her and emailed her, he was still looking for her. She asked me if I wanted to be her bf and I said Yes, but that she better end what is left with her ex bf, because I didn't like it.

I had an ex gf too that was trying to reach me and talk to me, and she knew about it, I was very open about it. The time passed and my gf asked me a few times about what happened with my ex gf, and I was being honest I told her the truth that my ex gf wanted to be friends but that I didn't want to, the relationship for me was over. When I asked abut her ex bf, she gave me some short and weird answers, and I knew something was going on, because her ex bf had a stalker personality. So I felt a little bit sad, the time went on and her behavior towards the relationship was very dry and she didn't care if we didn't see each other or talk for over a week. Somehow I sensed that something was going on, but I was so busy at University that I just couldn't do anything.

At the end of the term I had some free time, and I managed to read some emails between she and her ex bf. On the emails I found out that:
-they went out a few times for dinner
-he also asked her to get back together (more than one time)
-he told her that he still loved her (more than one time)
-they talked on the phone regularly (he called her 3 times a day, me once)
-she told him that she was only his friend and that's what they will be if he wanted, nothing else. (more than one time)

I couldn't take it anymore, and one night I asked her if she still was in contact with her ex bf, she answered NO. I asked when was the last time she met with him, she said she didn't remember, that it was a long time ago. So.. I told her that she was a lier that I knew she went out with him and all the points that I mentioned above. So I broke up with her because of all her lies, I really loved her at that moment, I felt my insides being crushed. She cried and asked me to forgive her, that her ex bf was only a friend, nothing more, that I wouldn't understand if she had told me.

I had my doubts about her, I knew she cared about her ex bf, but I just didn't understand why so many lies. When she asked me about another chance, I saw on her eyes that she loved me and she really regretted it.

So we went back together and she "ended up" her relation ship with her ex bf in a very soft way. She even explained to her ex bf what had happened and that she was ending it because she wanted to stay with me.

Time went on, and her ex bf, the stalker, kept calling her and emailing her. She didn't take her calls but she has answered some of his emails saying things like best wishes, god bless you, etc. Which means that she still cares about him in a great deal. And he emails back asking her to go out for a coffee or dinner, to which she never says yes, she just doesn't answer those questions and says something else.

She knows that I don't care if she has friends, I have told her that I just can't tolerate her relation ship with her ex bf, because of all the things that happened.

What should I do? Should I let other female friends get close to me in a similar way so that my gf understands what I feel?
Or should I just brake up with her if she keeps her relationship with her ex bf?
By shadow2x 15 years ago :: Dating
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