I met this guy online and he was contacting me constantly, but the next week it faded.. but we still go out?

Ok, so I met this guy we'll call Bill. Bill contacted me on an online dating site about a month and a half ago. He said he loved my profile, ect. We wrote back and forth two weeks straight before he gave me his contact information. It included his phone number and his instant messenger name.

He contacted me through AIM once I replied with mine, and we got to chatting live for once. He invited me over for steak and guitar hero (we are both in our mid-twenties) that night. I accepted (kind of dumb, I know you are supposed to meet in a public place) but nothing went wrong. It was kind of weird because his roommate was there too. We drank, ate, and played games until one in the morning when I said I had to leave. He thanked me for coming, said he had a blast, and then mentioned he should come down to where I live or I should come back up again. I agreed and left... he never hugged me or touched me in any way.

Fast forward a week. For four days after the first meeting he was texting me every day I got off work asking how my day had gone. On the fifth day he didn't text at all. I texted him on the 6th and we talked. He sent me a picture of him at a bar having fun with friends. He talked about seeing a specific movie and I asked if he wanted to see it. He accepted, but later changed the date to something later in the week. After that, contact was spotty. When the day of the second date came, we saw the movie and he asked if I had paid yet. I said no, so he charged ahead and just paid for the movie. Nothing happened during the movie, except that we made comments throughout. After the movie he suggested we get something to eat. I agreed, and we went to get pizza. After eating he made a move for his wallet and I beat him to it, saying I would pay. He just said, "Oh, I was going to suggest we split it, but ok." Bad sign? He never made a move to hug me or touch me on that date either. We talked for awhile, got up, and left.

We texted after the date and during that he suggested we go to a music venue sometime soon. I agreed again, but did not contact him for two days after. On the third day I texted him asking if he wanted to go to the specificed music venue sometime next week, and he agreed. He said he'd preview some of the music for the best day to go. I again waited two days, and no response from him. He did contact me once during those two days while I was offline, so I got the message he had left (it just said 'hey') when I logged back in. He told me he had wondered where I had been and then told me a music he was interested in seeing. I confirmed a date the next week, which is coming up. He hasn't talked to me in three days, and I haven't contacted him. I think if he was really into me, he would be trying to contact me or even trying things when we went out... even a hug would be nice! I am just wondering if this is a case of 'he's just not that into you' and he's being nice... but then why would he suggest going out again on the second date to a specific place? Why would he wonder where I've been when I don't contact him awhile? Mainly, where did all his attention that he had for me in the beginning go? Does he kind of like me, but not really? I barely even talk to him much since days go by. What is going on?

The third date is coming up tomorrow and I'm wondering if it is even worth going on.
By Mizu 15 years ago :: Dating
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