Am I Being To Impatient In Our Relationship or Should I Confront The Issue

I have been dating a woman for several months. We met at a party and hit it right off. We started dating shortly thereafter. We really enjoyed each other and probably went out three times a week for the first two months. Things seemed perfect. We enjoyed our time together, had a good social life and had a good sexual relationship.

For me it appears that some of the passion has gone out of the relationship. We talk and text less frequently, maybe every two to three days now. We still see each other one to two times a week. Her daughters moved back into the area and are spending time at her home. She doesn't feel comfortable with me hanging around as much and doesn't want me sleeping over while her daughters are there.

I really like this person and have really enjoyed the relationship. I'm not sure if the decline in passion and time spent together is normal or a phase relationships go through giving the circumstances or if this is something that I should be addressing with her now.

By Bitty 15 years ago :: Dating
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