When should he move in?

We have been dating almost 6 mos. We both struggle financialy. He strongly pushed me to move, said I would only have sole financial responsibility for a few mohths, That was in June, it wasnt until I had moved and lived here a month that I found out his lease is not up till April. I have expressed that I cant wait that long for help. He looks over bills and said I can. Got mad last week that I didnt have money to live on till I got paid, he gave me money. I don't understand why if he spends everynight here, he continues to keep his place. We would both benefit. I asked if it is because he's not sure of us, but he swears it isnt. I do believe that. He is ex military and a cop, very one sided.
I just feel duped and when I get mad, I thow it at him
By pk1234 15 years ago :: Dating
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