Was I wrong for dating someone else when no comitment was made?

I was dating a man who I am with today. At the time we were dating there was no comitment i wanted one but he was not ready. When I decided to go out with someone. The man I am with called and begged me to come home to him. I did not leave and he still brings it up to me. That I hurt him a lot. Do you feel he has a right being angry? Or do you fell he should let go? Also he feels I chose the other guy over him and he said if things were different between the other guy I would have chose him.

Now the man I am with was also talking to other people and dating as well. The man I am with went to Virginia to meet someone he met on the internet while we were dating this made me upset. I had wished he would have picked me but he chose to go to virginia. I believe that is why I went out on a weekend date with this other guy. Please tell me your opinions. Also does he have the right to keep holding this over my head?
By Justinesmiles 15 years ago :: Dating
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