He Never Wakes Up To Feed The Baby - I'm Tired!

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Side 1 says... My husband never wakes up to take a turn feeding our baby girl. He's a great Dad other than snoozing through ALL the overnight feedings. I'm working on my Masters degree all day. He then works nights. So, I take care of the little one all night - then he comes home and sleeps. At 4 AM when she wakes up - he still sleeps and I get up. I'm tired.
Added by Luker (male)
Side 2 says... Here's why I don't often get up...
1) My wife is much better equipped for feeding the baby - if you know what I mean - seriously!
2) I am a heavy sleeper! I sleep through the baby's crying.
3) If I do come in all the baby wants to do is play with me and it takes double the time to get her back to sleep.
Added by Erino (female)
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