Coming Back Because Of My Success

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Side 1 says... Dain and I broke up for two reasons. One is he always called me fat in his own way. He didn't use the word fat, but he'd always hint to it.

The other reason is because he thought I had no direction and that I wasn't ever gonna have a career. At the time we dated I was a bartender. Now, in the time we've been apart, I got licensed to sell real estate.

I lost 25 pounds and am a top producer for my real estate firm with first year sales of $15 million. So I get the call...

Dain wants me back. He saw my ad in a newspaper and couldn't believe my change. I told him no way but he keeps sending cards and calling. He thinks there is a chance. I don't think I can get past his reasons for dumping me. Now that I am doing BETTER than him, he thinks he can now ride the gravy train. Please let him know he doesn't deserve another chance!
Added by ITgirl (female)
Side 2 says... I feel really bad about how things went down with our break up. I made mistakes. We were younger then and I didn't know what I was doing. We had 3 years together and I loved every second of them.

I know you are doing great but that's not why I want you back. I want you back because of YOU. Since us I've dated several girls and none of them compared to you. Seeing that ad with your picture in it just brought you back into perspective and that's the real reason.

I know I screwed up and probably don't deserve another chance but please find it inside yourself to give me at least one date. I promise to make you happy. Please tell her I deserve another chance. Please.
Added by i_changed (male)
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