Boyfriends' Rude Behavior

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Side 1 says... So here is the boyfriend of 8 years and I are driving in the car, and my mom is with us as well. An argument starts regarding the age of retirement benefits (I know...stupid topic). Anyway, I should also add that my boyfriend likes to argue wayyyy tooo much, and he gets upset very easily when people don't agree with him. So in this situation, I wasn't sure about how some companies handle their retirement benefits, so I said...I need to check the facts before I can make further judgement. Then my boyfriend starts saying how STUPID I was being and that any IDIOT should know this if you're living in this country. Obviously, his comments really upset me, since he is also putting me down in front of my mom. Then, I stopped talking for the remainder of the trip and when we reach our destination, I get out of the car and left without saying a thing to him. Now, it has been a week since the incident and he has not bothered to contact me at all to apologize for behaving this way. Am I totally wrong in expecting him to apologize???
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Side 2 says... I think we have heard an over-exaggerated version of what really happened. Lets get to the facts first.

I never called anyone stupid or idiot. I simple said that picking up the newspaper once in a while and learning about these things wouldn't harm anyone. The retirement discussion is not a stupid subject at all if you are having it with knowledgeable people), and not some ones who think that if you work 30 years for a privately held company you can retire with 90% of your wages for the rest of your life.

But all that aside.

I think we need to give some background to the readers about some of your moms earlier discussing that you have agreed with her on here is a list:

She believe that you can buy Tv that can have the electricity sent through the air ( 100% wireless incl the AC cord)

she believes that the US military controls all US funds, the treasure is only a joke. ( and that the military have more funds now than ever)

this is just the month of aprils discussions.

I am getting sick and tired of You disconnecting your brain from any education or anything else you have very learned to listen to your mom who by the way doesn't have any backbone in any of her statement whatsoever other than " well thats just what I have heard " you listen to your mom who have failed in 3 marriages and generally in her life, and your 2 friends ( one of them never had a bf (she is almost 30) and the other who is switching her bf every day.

who you don't listen to is the friend of yours who is happily married and is happy in her life with a new born.

So no I am not going to apologize since I think you deserved my rude behavior, I have mentioned this over 8 years, that I simply do not like how you and your mom team up on me. and I am frankly getting tired of it. and thats the end of it.

and for the last time.. just for your knowledge
if you are not financially independent the chances of that you have to work to the day you are 67( with a 401K or IRA) is extremely high ( 99%) and after the age of 67 you should only hope that you have a 401K or Ira that can help you, if not back to the job market. so if you think that you can work for a firm ( public or not, non government) for 30 years and then retire with 90% of your wages to the end of you life you are DEAD wrong it will not happen unless you are a major executive or a major shareholder.

Thank you.

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