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Side 1 says... Unlike the other stories, ours is pretty boring. I am a programmer. She is a librarian.

My main problem is all we do is watch TV together and nothing else. Summer's been a bust (at least the new seasons are starting). Basically, I want more of a sex life. She's content with sitting on the couch then going to bed early. While I've expressed my biggest fantasies to her, she feels they would be demeaning to her and shrugs me off.

Don't you think she should at least experiment to find out if they are demeaning (and no, I'm not going into the fantasy details).
Added by love (male)
Side 2 says... I do like to...make love! Not the kinky stuff. I'm just not into that kind of thing. I'm a plain Jane and I don't think I should have to experiment with being kinky, just because you think it will turn you on.

He wants me to dress up as Catherine Trammell (Sharon Stone) from Basic Instinct, tie his hands to the bed, and all the other things she did. He even talked a little about masochism.

It's not my thing. I'm sorry that making love isn't enough and that I won't even try it.
Added by geekLover (female)
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