The Luckiest Idiot In India

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Side 1 says... MS dhoni the guy who bats worse than a fifth grade kid and who will be searching for ball while keeping wickets is the luckiest idiot to captain team india, aforementioned this lucky idiot won a t-20 world cup and received a cult status in india and now his lucky run ended but as he is a lucky idiot he escaped from harsh criticism and job cut. He is a Dangerous Batsmen not for opponents but for Team India !!
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Side 2 says... MSD,India's man of fortune isn't in the best of Times. He may not be a technically strong batsman, yet a ruthless hard hitter whose strokes are awkward yet brings runs.MSd, far better than his senior keepers namely Nayan Mongia,Saba Karim and fellow keepers namely Dinesh Karthick,Parthiv had led India to some amazing victories. He was the man who changed India's mentality to soak down after losing a couple of Wickets. With Gr8 power comes gr8 responsibility, It is evident that he is blamed for India's T20 loss,Yet He alone cant be the sole reason for the failure. After many years Team India has an emotionally stable captain.His ability to keep up his cool, take stratergic decisions made him a hero in 2007. Luck is a factor for him,but it isnt alone. We can never forget his 183 against Pakisthan. His skill made him No.1 in the rankings. Yet the days r hard. MSD would sure bounce back so owuld Team India. He isnt the Luckiest Idiot, But the Wittiest Mascot for Team India now!
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