What Is Jennifer Lopez Better Known For?

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Side 1 says... I just got into a heated discussion/argument with my best friend in regards to how JLO gained her popularity. It's my opinion that when you hear the name Jennifer Lopez, the first thing you think of (aside from her amazing badunkadunk), is her "MUSIC"...songs like Waiting for Tonight, Jenny from the Block, and Love Don't Cost aThing.

My misinformed friend on the otherhand seems to think that it was through her "MOVIES"...movies like Gili and Enough. Please!!!

Yes, yes, I know that she was one of the Fly Girls on "In Living Color" and that's how she came onto the scene...but again, my argument is that she blew up through her music and not her movies.

Can anyone settle this relatively unimportant dispute?
Added by Rene (male)
Side 2 says... Hi everyone. First off, it's news to me that this was a "heated argument". I thought it was just a simple and humorous debate. But whatever. I still think this is funny and I accept the invite to voice my side.

There's not much to it really. My opinion is just as my friend D says. I feel Jennifer Lopez became most known when she started acting. PLEASE NOTE that at no point did I state that her fame is most from movies like "Gili" or "Enough". If anything, my friend D is just using those examples to make his argument more credible. Instead, the example I used was "Selena". That's when I said that she blew up and became so very well known. She did a great job in that role and from there, it was all news about her "badunkadunk". We would probably all agree that her movie and role choices after Selena became poorer and poorer, but her huge fame remained constant despite them due to the fact that she was simply out there in them and always being talked about. So, in summary, my argument is that J-Lo became huge with her acting (Selena).

Whereas, my friend D begs to differ in arguing that she became most famous when she started singing. I disagree. I don't deny that she sold albums and did decently with that. But, I don't feel it's what she became most famous for.

So, we now leave it to you guys. What do you think J-Lo became more famous for? Marisol says Acting. D says "Singing". ;)
Added by Marisol (female)
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