Pop Vs. Soda

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Side 1 says... So Lisa and I were out at dinner the other night. The waiter comes around to take our drink order and SHE says, get this, "I think I'll just have a pop". "A what?" I say. "A pop." she says, looking at me like I'M some sort of crazy person. Honestly I couldn't believe that I was out at dinner with someone who calls soda, pop. I mean really, why not just put on a straw hat and some overalls, because you're making yourself sound like some kind of uneducated country bumpkin. Really, it's called SODA, or if you really want to get crazy, SODA POP. Never just pop by itself, what does that even mean anyways!?@?!
Added by HopOnPop (male)
Side 2 says... I don't know where he gets off thinking that pop is any less acceptable than soda. If anything pop is MORE correct than soda since the word pop was used to describe the sound a cork made when pulled from a bottle containing a mixture of
soda-water and ginger-beer. That's what pop is, soda water and syrup. Soda just means soda water? Have you ever tried drinking soda water? It's disgusting. The only way to refer to a flavored carbonated beverage is by the word pop.
Added by Sodalicious (female)
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