Am I Wrong To Want To Be Happy?

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Side 1 says... My best friend and I share a house. We have been roommates for more than a year and it has always been great. We tell each other everything and she gets along with son amazingly. Until recently.
I started dating a guy 4 months ago and have fallen in love with him. He works out of town during the week and spends his weekends with me. My best friend said she is tired of seeing him here on the weekends and it feels like he lives here and if its going to be this way he needs to hekp with the bills. So i spoke to him about it and he agreed to cover the time he is here. When I told her this she flipped out on me and said that wasn't what she wanted and she was moving out. Now she won't speak to me and is actually moving out and sticking me with an outgragous monthly rent.

I have never complained about the numerous men she has had in and out of this house or the fact that my 7 year old sees that. Nor have i ever mentioned that the things she orginally agreed to do around here were never done by her i.e. mowing the yard.
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Side 2 says... She is right that we have been very close for a long time and things have gone great so far. But we gave our word a year ago about having guys here all the time on the weekends. I would like to be able to wear my pj's around the house on the weekends and I'm not able to do that anymore with her boyfriend always here. I think I have a right to act and dress how I want to in my own house and if i'm not happy then I'm not going to continue living with her.

Giving your word should count for something.
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