Thanksgiving With The In-laws

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Side 1 says... Many, many years ago when my husband was born, my mother in law decided to take over Thanksgiving form her mother since her son was born on/around Thanksgiving. (11/26) We had been alternating our Thansgiving every year - my parents', his parents'. Almost 2 years ago, my daughter was born (11/25). It has been on my mind since her birth that I would really like to have Thanskgiving at my house and have both sides of the family over to celebrate my husband's birthday, daughter's birthday, and my mom's birthday (11/28).
Last year my mother in law decided taht she did not want to "give up" her Thanksgiving because her brother in law and his famil would have no where to go. So, even though my husband's uncle is a drunk and his aunt is overly annoying, I decided to extend the inivitation to them so that we can all be together. When this was offered to my in-laws, they stated that they had some expectations 1- they want me to also extend the invitations to their friends and 2- they want me to leave the food out all day so that late-comers can eat and others can "graze" all day. I think that extending the inivtation to extended family is one thing, but asking me to invite your friends too is asking too much. I beleive that telling me that I have to leave food out for 6+ hours so that people can eat all day is unhealthy and disgusting!!!! One word - BACTERIA!
My husband think that this is not unreasonable and that I am the one that needs to give into them because afterall, we wanted Thanksgiving and they are letting us have it.
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Side 2 says... The two points in question are leaving the food out and inviting my parents friends. These are what my parents consider part of their Thanksgiving traditions. When talking to my parents about giving up Thamksgiving they wanted their traditions to be carried on. I made the decision to accept these two points - invite their friends and leave the food out for people. They have always left the food out for those people who come late and for the quests that like to "graze" all day. The food is always on warmers and covered. I do not see the big deal with relaxing and enjoying the day... clean up at the end. Also, my parents have always had close friends of the family stop in around desert time. We put on a spread of 10-12 different pies. There are only two people that usualy stop in for this, these two people have been stopping in for over 25 years...
My parents also have opened thier Thanksgiving up to any close friends who might not have a place to go for that year. I know this is alot to ask of my wife, but I did not want to go through this "take over" thanksgiving this year. I told her that this would blow up into a big fight. I love my wife and I hate fighting with her. This is the only holiday that my parents do and that is why it is important that thier tradition is carried on
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