Not Getting Beat Enough

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Side 2
Side 1 says... I'm sick of it. All I want from boyfriend during sex is a little paddling, mainly on my balls and ass, and I'm sick of perfectly good rope being wasted by just sitting under the bed. I think he's wrong for ignoring my needs and instead just using me to get himself off with his massive endowment. Sidetaker, am I right in my grievances? Should my boyfriend do more than bring other men over to join in with him.
Added by TJ188 (male)
Side 2 says... Yeah stop bitching puppy. You know should thank me every time I use my massive endowment to get myself off. How bout I use the rope and just leave you tied to the bed? That's your one good purpose anyway. You're my bitch, and you're here for my pleasure. You want some pain. If anyone here gives me the word, I'll stick a burning candle in your ass and leave it there. On your knees puppy and beg for forgiveness.
Added by LJFour (male)
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