My Boyfriend Is Annoying.

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Side 1 says... Our concern at the time its that he wants me to work.But there's one little problem we have a two year old and no babysitter or money for a day care. He is the only one working.He keeps nagging "what are you going to do about it" I'm like well is this my problem or our problem?. Try to help me find someone. My parents work his parents work.I want to work .Who wants to stay at home all day?I say stop bothering me and just deal with the fact that is not going to happen at the moment.
Added by anony (female)
Side 2 says... All i wanted from her is to come up with a solution for us. I always have to take initiative to get anything started from doing simple things to finishing school, i wish she was stronger woman and stir the situation that will be more favorable for our family. I need help in many ways, we both finish school and i think we are due for a better jobs, so we can save and buy our first sweet home! No matter what happens i will always love her.
Added by pcrxllc (male)
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