Accommodate The In Laws???

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Side 1 says... I've been asking for Thanksgiving for a couple of years now. My husband, daughter and mother's birthdays are all a few days apart and all on or around Thanksgiving. My husband always celebrated his birthday on Thankgiving and I thought what an awesome tradition for his daughter to have. Basically would have a blast with 3 birthdays and Thanksgiving all in one! My family (my parents and sister) live about 1-1/2 hours away and they are willing to come to me for Thanksgiving so we can all celebrate together.

My in-laws , on the other hand, refuse to come to my house for Thanksgiving because I will not invite their friends and do things their way. I have extended the invitation to my husband's extended family (aunt, uncle and cousins with their husbands) for the sake of my in-laws, but I feel I shouldn't have to invie my in-laws' friends to my new family event. With that said, my mother in law (not my father in law) refuses to come to my house. [My father-in-law is completely ok with it!]

So the question I am posing with now is, should I accommodate the in-laws with a separate birthday party just for them to come or should I be stubborn and tell them that they basically chose their friends over their granddaughter?

I feel if I give them a different party, then they will never want to come to our house for Thanksgiving becuase I would still be catering to their needs.
Added by Tebaa (female)
Side 2 says... I think that we should have a seperate day to celebrate my daughter's birthday becuase afterall they are her grandparents and she will miss out on them. My parents have always done Thanksgiving and it is not right for us to just take it away from them. I am stuck between my mom and my wife. I honestly don't care where we go for Thanksgiving or when we have my daughter's birthday. I just want my wife and my mother to stop. My mother is very stubborn and will not give up her holiday and my wife is very determined to take it over and do it her way!
Added by AnnoyedHusband (male)
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