Kids Drinking In A Movie Theatre

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Side 1 says... My girlfriend said that she will not allow the kids to drink in a movie theatre... even water! I can understand some reservation to a soda, but water seems a bit extreme. Am I taking crazy pills here?
Added by travish (male)
Side 2 says... As background, my bf insists on drinking a liter of soda at every movies and has to use restroom 3 times during the show.

I grew up in a family of 4 kids. So my parents had us use the restroom before/after the movie and we didn't drink anything during. It's just smart planning that prevents 10 different trips to the restroom. A movie is only 1.5 hours (sitting down) so no one will dehydrate. At school, kids go from 8am till lunchtime without drinking anything.

If you set the rule with kids that they can have a little something to drink, they will all want something even if they don't need it. It's just easier to set the no drinking rule upfront.
Added by angelina (female)
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