Stay At Home Mom Who Wants A Five Minute Break

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Side 1 says... I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful baby girls. One is 2 1/2 and the other is 16 months. I love my children with all of my heart and I would die for them. I never want to be without my children. But some days I just want a break for 5 minutes for myself. I have a great husband and wonderful dad but he thinks that it makes me a bad mother if I want a break from my children. He doesn't think I ever do enough around the house and with the gilrs and to tell you the truth I get bored with the house work. It doesn't matter what I do it is never good enough. It isn't as clean as he would like and let me just tell you he complains about everything. I love him dearly but I want him to understand my side. I AM A WONDERFUL MOTHER!
Added by shanon14 (female)
Side 2 says... At the present time my wifes responsiblilities are simple, take care of the kids and keep the house clean. I have no problem with keeping my kids or taking care of them. Nothing makes me smile more than thinking about my girls and getting home to spend time with them. I'd love the opportunity to be in my wife shoes. Maybe this is why I have issues with her attitude towards them sometimes. However, I have no issues with her getting a break here and there from them, but be discrete about it. They love her dearly and want to be near her always. They love me also, but their bond is more too their mother because of the amount of time they spend together. On the issue of house cleaning: I do upkeep, garbage and all the yard work. My job starts @ 3am everyday to drive an hour to work. I work between 55-65 hrs. a week. I go to bed @8-9pm. My wife's typical day starts @9am, from their she makes breakfast. The kids then play, watch tv, etc. She watches Tv, gets on the computer, talks on the phone. @12-1pm, they all go down for a nap (including my wife). They get up around 2-3pm. She makes them all lunch. They then will generally go grocery shopping for dinner (daily mind you). Comes home and makes dinner around 5pm. @ 7:30pm she puts them in the bath and to bed by 8pm. She then stays up talking on the phone, watching tv, or on the internet till 10-11pm. Time Management??? The other issue is knowing the difference between a picking up a house and a cleaning a house. I've tried to help her with the time management by making a schedule, it didn't work. I've explained the difference between picking up a house and cleaning a house (bacteria, germs, etc.) that doesn't register. It's frustrating to go to work everyday to provide for your family and your wife refuses to do her part on a daily basis. I can't just take days off because I don't feel like working. I'd get fired. I'd even be willing to increase my role if I saw a daily change in my wife's life. I've always kept a clean house and know what it takes. Don't be lazy and let lifes luxuries (Cable TV, Internet, Cell Phone) consume your life.I want my wife to simply do her part and be a responsible adult as well as the wonderful mother she is. 5 minute break? I'd trade places in a New York second!!!!!!
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