What Should I Do With Evil Mother-in-law?

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Side 1 says... Hi all,

I'm together with my boyfriend for 4 years now, we live together also. The parents of my boyfriend had a dog and when my boyfriend still lived at home he was the one who took care for the dog. When he moved in with me they put the dog in the garden. When we visited them the dog was verry skinny and his nails where very long. The mother, lets name her... Cruella. Cruella bought another dog, the biggest dog there is (can't remember the name). But they live in a very small house... When it was the birthday party from my foster kid, Cruella was here also and i asked her how it was with the big dog. She said : he's death. I said : Oh what happened? She said (seriously she was ice cold, calm, like it was normal) : I killed him. I said : what! She said: Well, i didn't hurt him, he slept in real gentley. I said: ???? She said : I didn't gave him food and water so he died.
I almost fainted, couldnt believe it. When she was gone i said to my boyfriend that she's crazy and that we have to do something about it but he said that we couldnt do anything because we can't prove it. A few weeks later Cruella phoned me and said : do you wanna thell my son that the other dog died too.
I asked how it happened and she said that the neighbours poisoned the dog.
We all know she did it... Again i said to my boyfriend: we have to say it to the police or animal rescue, people like her should be forbidden to have animals ever again.
And he said : no i can't do that, she's my mother...
So i've searched on the net, and we can't do it annomyous.
So we came to a deal that if she ever had a dog again we would take steps against it.
Now, she has a dog again ! First the dog seems very healty and loved but i was there last week and the dog is verry skinny and throws up sometimes. He also do his thing in the house because they don't walk with him.
I wanna go to the police or the animal rescue but my bf doesnt want to because the house of Cruella is very nasty, i mean NASTY ! And he's afraid that the police will take his little sister away and put here in a home or with someone else. So he said if i do that he will leave me...
I can't live with the tought that another dog will die and me doing nothing about it...
Btw sorry for my english, i'm not from usa.

Added by Elisa_24 (female)
Side 2 says... Well, you already said why i don't want it. I love you very much but what my family does is their buisness. I understand that it hurts you, and it hurts me too, but i don't wanna betray my family.
If my mother would know this she would never contact me again. And my father would kill me...
Added by Male24male (male)
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