My Best Friend Is Backstabbing Me!

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Side 1 says... I am totally in love with this guy in my school. I had a crush on him since last year and he doesn't really talk to me. But I told my best friend about how I'm crushing on him and she's a chearleadr. She's always had all the guys she wants. Now when I tell her about Brian she decides to talk to him for me since she has class with him.

I found out from other people spreading a rumer that they went out last weekend to see 2012. I heard they kissed and everything. So I asked her about it and she lied straight to mey face! Then she confessed and told me they did and that he wasn't interested in me.

I am so mad because she thinks because he doesn't like me that it's ok for her to date him. She told me all the time he's gross and didnt understand y I liked him. Now she does this? That's not being a good friend. Shouldn't she care enough about my feelings? She has every other guy in school! WHY THE ONE I WANTED!?? :(
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Side 2 says... I NEVER meant he was really gross. I was just trying to save you from liking him. everyone knew he didn't like you. You stare at him all the time and make yourself look dumb. I was being a friend and trying to save you from embarrassment. And I have every right to date him. You can't call dibs on guys just cos you see them first. And ok if you did. I didn't do anything and you had 2 years to try and get him and he didn't want you. Don't take it out on me. It's not my fault you're not his type.

KK - I love you but you need to get over it.
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