The Book, The Test And The Library.

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Side 2
Side 1 says... I rented a book from the school library on "All the fun facts about Biology". I LOVE biology. Everything about it just so damn interesting. So I had no idea I would have to argue for it when my friend comes and asks me if she can take it. I kindly tell her that I want it to improve my grades and such and because the library is closing down and sending all their books to the less privelleged in a months time. But now she complains that she needs it to study for a test. Is the internet that difficult to use? I don't think so seeing though she has a sidetaker account.

She tells me that the teacher told her that that book has information that is more relevant to her test than anything on the internet and told me she tried. I asked her that if that was true, why hadn't any of the other kids asked me for it. She said that the teacher reccommended it for her, which I can understand. I would have offered to help her but her dad is from a strict religion and if I can hardly touch her (in a friendly way, ofcourse) then there is nooooo way I can touch her computer or bring her to mine.

Now I get into this whole thing where I tell her that it's not my fault she can't use the internet... Half of the succession of passing a test is being able to study it all appropriately. She wants the book and claims that she should have it seeing though I'm only borrowing it because I like biology, but I am the one who rented it so it's tough luck thinking that she can take away something I specifically picked out, being the last time I will ever be able to take any book from there again let alone the one I want.

My friend and I aren't angry with each other... This is more a competitive rivalry to see who is right. Just for fun because it's so interesting to see everyone else's opinion on an everyday situation... and It's my first side I've made.
Added by Patch (male)
Side 2 says... The thing is Patch is always getting high marks and knowledge just comes easy to him! I don't think he even has to try appear intelligent infront of anyone and his parents are actually proud of his achievements and current grades.
I was forced into taking up biology and although I was unwilling to try it at first, I realised that I would be the one to end up more upset than my father if I failed so now I'm trying my best to achieve high marks in every subject or activity that I am taking part of.

I had wanted to take the biology book before Patch but unfortunately it was being mended at the time. I asked the head librarian to reserve it for me when it became available but apparantly it slipped her mind.

I know and understand that Patch got the book first but I think I need it more than he does and I find it much harder to find the specific information needed from the book on the internet. You can actually pick out that he is intelligent from his way of writing and terminology.

It was very kind of Patch to offer his assistance to me and I appreciate it but he does not really understand the level of strictness that I have been placed under by my father and I do not want to be punished by him just for something as minute as having contact with Patch.

I have literally begged Patch for the book and if he were in my position I would give to him without even thinking twice.I am running out of time and I wish Patch could understand my desperation.

Patch and I actually don't argue about much at all, but because we come from completely different backgrounds he does not understand my fathers ways and narrow mindedness.

I value our friendship but I think sometimes Patch doesn't have a reason as to why he tends to be soo difficult.
Added by Jayvi (female)
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